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Students at Tramlines festival

a guide to sheffield for students

sheffield is friendly, creative and scenic – and best of all, it's surprisingly cheap.
sheffield's cost of living is well below the national average, and thanks to the 60,000-strong student community you'll find discounts around every corner. which makes it all the easier to explore our unique mix of city life and green space.

the great thing about studying in sheffield is that the city is geared towards you. from the shops to the student bars and everything in between, you'll find something for you.

we're the uk's fifth largest city, but 60% of sheffield is made up of green spaces like parks, gardens and countryside. there's a ton of places to relax in, or you can walk, run, cycle, climb and swim in the nearby peak district national park.

plus, you can immerse yourself in sheffield's underground art, music and culture scenes.
we have iconic gig venues, the uk's largest community of artists and designers outside london, and a calendar of major festivals covering everything from food to film.

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